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Streaming Internet Radio Toolbar 10.4

An useful tool for anyone who enjoys listening to online radio stations
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Streaming Internet Radio Toolbar

If you’re a radio fan, Streaming Internet Radio Toolbar will surely please you. It is a browser add-on that provides access to a great list of radio stations, from which you can choose the one you wish to listen to. You can download it for free in just a few seconds and start to use it right away.

This toolbar comes with additional components such as: an email notifier which will announce about newly received emails, a Facebook application that you can use to access your Facebook account and a weather forecast application that keeps you informed of the weather.

You can choose from a large list of radio stations according to your musical taste. You can easily add new stations or edit the existing ones. Another interesting application of this toolbar is that it allows you to read the latest news and get instant access to different blogs.

Streaming Internet Radio Toolbar includes a YouTube button that you can use to access your favorite YouTube videos. This toolbar comes with a large number of applications which you can add or remove according to your needs.

Altogether, Streaming Internet Radio toolbar is a great choice especially for those who love listening to radio on the Internet.

Gaby Colette
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